These Pilates series and Instructional videos are designed for those new to Pilates or those who would like to work at a slower/gentle pace with more detailed cues.

  • Gentle Glutes and Abs

    Todays class is a targeted glutes and abs class designed to build strength.
    We focus on the glutes and the core as they help with posture, alignment and help to improve movement patterns. You will find glute and core strengthening is a common theme in many classes.

    I am using a Pilates ball , ...

  • Full body Reset

    Welcome to Day One of the Start Here Programme.
    This workout is designed to move the full body with no equipment needed.
    Take it at your own pace and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Start Here Programme

    8 items

    This plan is the perfect place to start Wild Pilates Online or done as a reset week to get back into regular Pilates.
    Designed to get you ready to move into the other classes, these classes will introduce you to the Wild Pilates style, go deeper into the Pilates principles and build up gradually...

  • Start Here Pilates - Beginner/Gentle

    Welcome to your beginner or gentle Pilates class designed to move the entire body with more focus on the Pilates principles.

    This makes it a great place to start your at home Pilates or come back to when you want to focus on improving your technique and get familiar with some popular Wild Pilat...

  • Core Warmup

    A great option to take the time to learn how to better engage the abs and warm up the core muscles.

    This can be done as an introduction session on its own or a warm up before doing another class to get more out of the core.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Beginner Full Body Pilates

    This class is a full body class moving at a controlled pace to allow clients to focus on form.

    Perfect for beginners, those getting back into Pilates and also all levels if you prefer to move at a gentle pace and focus on technique.

    Optional Pilates ball and weights, but not necessary for the...

  • Easy on the Back Core

    This workout will strengthen the core without putting pressure on the back. We use the Pilates ball as well and mobilising the hips with gentle stretches.

  • Sculpt & Stretch - Prenatal friendly

    Sculpt and Stretch is designed to focus on exercises that mobilise the body while also strengthening.

    optional hand weights. suitable prenatal clients too

  • Easy on the back, core workout

    This express workout is a selection of my favourite core exercises that are easier on the back. I have avoided common exercises that can put pressure on the back and instead focussed on movements that should help engage the abs not the back.

    If any of the movements do not feel good for you, ple...

  • Gentle Pilates

    This low impact workout will move and strengthen the entire body and leave you feeling energised.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day 20.

    Great for the days you are low on energy, are easing back into Pilates/ beginners or you would like to focus on low impact movement...

  • Waiheke - Full Body Low Impact

    This session is designed to move and lengthen the entire body. We focus on low impact Pilates movements to leave you feeling amazing. optional hand or wrist weights. Suitable for all levels.

  • Low Impact Express/ Warmup

    Great to do on the days you are short on time and want to move the body in a low impact way. Also perfect to do as a warm up or cool down before another workout or walk/run.

  • Back Care Workout

    A Pilates workout designed to focus on building strength in the areas that support your back ( glutes, core, posture ) while avoiding exercises that can sometimes aggravate the lower back.

    Be sure to avoid any exercises that put too much pressure on your back. Take it at your own pace and enjoy.

  • Pilates Basics Flow

    This is one of my favourite workouts in this series. Combining a few of my favourite exercises focusing on correct set up and alignment to get the most out of each exercise.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Express Pilates Foundations

    Designed to work the entire body, we lengthen while we strengthen to leave your body feeling amazing.

  • Final Start Here Workout

    We work the entire body, combining the Pilates principles and signature Wild Pilates movements. This workout is slightly faster than other beginner workouts designed to get you ready to try the other Wild Pilates workouts.

    Optional light (0.5 - 1kg) hand weights for an extra challenge. Enjoy x

  • Start Here Programme

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    This programme is designed to take you through the Pilates principles, introduce you to the Wild Pilates style and is the perfect place to start. Take more rest days if needed

    Download the follow along workout calendar to know which workouts to do each day.

  • Controlled Postpartum/Beginner

    A full body Pilates class designed to focus on core connection/hip stability and moving the body.

    Take it at your own pace, focus on my cues and take rests if you need

  • Pilates Lengthen - Length + Strength

  • Week One Low Impact

    This workout will lengthen the body while toning without any standing or high intensity movements

  • Low Impact Sculpting - 46 mins

    This full length workout will sculpt the body with extra focus on low impact exercises, no standing or jumping.

  • Beginner or Postpartum Full Body

    Postpartum clients please make sure you are cleared for exercise and take it at your own pace.

    This workout is ideal for beginners also who are NOT postpartum.

  • Week Two Low Impact

    Full body lengthen and strengthen workout without any standing or high intensity work

  • Quick Postpartum Core

    We work on resetting and engaging the muscles in the core, especially the deep abs