Feel Good Movement Challenge

Feel Good Movement Challenge

Pilates|Mobility|Walking - 14 days

Designed to help you move your body in a way that leaves you feeling your best. Includes power Pilates sessions, sculpt and Stretch, mobility and optional waking/low impact cardio days.

Let’s do this together and spend 14 days improving your well being, starting with feel good movement each day.

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Feel Good Movement Challenge
  • Pilates for Walkers/Runners

    Welcome to day one of the feel good movement challenge.

    This is a favourite session of mine. These exercises have been chosen to complement other exercise especially walking/running.

    Strengthen the glutes, posture, core and improve flexibility.

    Let me know in the comments if you are joining...

  • Feel Good Movement Challenge

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    Download this calendar to find out which workouts to do on each day. Take rest days if you need x

  • Abs and Mobility

    Another favourite session based on the most requested videos. Abs that are gentle on the back and flexibility/mobility.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day 16.

    A perfect session to do after a walk/run or on its own to leave you feeling strong in the core and flexible. ...

  • Power Pilates

    A short full body workout designed to tone and strengthen. Expect to get a sweat on and work the legs, posture, glutes and core.

    Optional hand weights. Let me know how you get on. How cute is the visit from the neighbours dog?

  • Standing Lower Body

    This express session is barre inspired. We will focus on leg strength, fitness as well as tricep and posture strength.

  • Sculpt & Stretch - Prenatal friendly

    Sculpt and Stretch is designed to focus on exercises that mobilise the body while also strengthening.

    optional hand weights. suitable prenatal clients too

  • Posterior Pilates

    I hope you enjoy this 30 min session targeting the back of the body.

    Posterior strengthening is so important for improving posture, the way you move, relieving pain and injury prevention.

    optional ankle/wrist weights. Enjoy x