• Easy on the Back Core

    This workout is designed to build strength in the core without aggravating the back. We focus on connecting the deep abs and move a little slower to ensure we are targeting the correct muscles.
    Postnatal friendly*

  • Full Body Sculpt with Mobility

    This is a no-standing sculpting class with extra mobility.
    The ultimate feel good class as we combine targeted strengthening with stretching. Using a Pilates ball.

  • Postnatal Pilates

    My favourite postnatal Pilates class using a Pilates ball and optional band.

    We are working to strengthen the abdominal wall as well as building strength around the pelvis ( deep abs, glutes + inner thighs ) It is all about the breath and the form that is the most important to help reset the core

  • Standing Sculpt | Glutes + Inner Thighs

    This is a barre inspired class, done all standing to challenge the entire legs. With a chair used for support.

    Im also using a Pilates ball and optional medium Pilates band for a further challenge.

  • Pilates Hybrid 2.0

    24 items

    Welcome to Pilates hybrid 2.0 combining Pilates, Strength and Running to create my ultimate weekly split.
    Improving on our last Hybrid plan this is a 28 day plan with 4 different weekly splits.