Cycle Sync Menstruation Phase

Cycle Sync Menstruation Phase

Days 1 - 5. At the start of menstruation our levels of oestrogen and progesterone are at their lowest. This is known to cause a dip in energy. You may be feeling sluggish and tired or experiencing cramping/ bloating. This is a good time to reset and set new intentions for the cycle ahead. Depending on your menstrual symptoms you may have more energy from day 3 and we slowly increase the pace of workouts.

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Cycle Sync Menstruation Phase
  • Wind Down Stretch

    Today we slow it right down. Focus on relaxing and melting into the stretches to slow the mind and the body. No equipment needed.

  • Feel Good Pilates

    Today is the ultimate feel good workout.
    Perfect for low energy days, the menstrual phase or postnatal clients.
    Relieve lower back pain, improve mobility, strengthen the glutes and increase blood flow.

  • Gentle Full Body

    This is your new fave for low energy days when you still want to move the whole body. Expect to mobilise the body and build strength in the glutes and core. Optional small hand weights.

  • Morning Movement

    This class is designed to move and wake up the entire body, leaving you energised for the day.

    Of course this class can be done at any time of day it is just a fantastic way to get moving to feel good. No equipment is needed however you are welcome to hold option hand weights for some movements...

  • Bite Size Glutes

    This workout is a favourite from this series.

    The glute burner will strengthen and tone while mobilising the hips. We complete one full side before moving onto the other. optional ankle weights for a further challenge but not necessary.

    Let me know how you get on.