Cycle Sync Ovulatory Phase

Cycle Sync Ovulatory Phase

Days 14 - 16. Ovulation occurs around day 14 but may be a day either side. Our hormones are high here, you will experience great focus and it is the perfect time to build strength. You may find you are more confident and have more energy - so make the most of it. This phase includes challenging power and strength workouts.
This is a great time to level up in all areas of your life. Also a good time to sleep well, eat foods that are good for the gut, lots of green leafy vegetables and protein.

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Cycle Sync Ovulatory Phase
  • Power Sculpt | Inner Thighs & Obliques

    I hope you love this express burner with extra focus on inner thighs and obliques. It is sure the get the heart rate up and the muscles working in less than 20 mins.

    You can use ankle weights for a further challenge or small hand weights for the second half of the class.

  • Sculpt and Strength

    Today we combine our higher intensity strength exercises with targeted sculpt work. Expect to get the heart rate up and work hard.
    I am using small hand weights and if you have them this a great class to use heavier weights, optional shoes for extra support.

  • Complete Sculpt

    Today's class is called complete sculpt as we focus on working the full body.
    We start with a standing lunge series followed by side plank work and arms/abs strengthening. Expect to work the legs, glutes, abs, and triceps.

    I am using a Pilates ball and ankle weights for an extra challenge.