Pilates Hybrid

Pilates Hybrid

Combining Pilates, strength and running or your choice of cardio to create the ultimate weekly workout split.

Pilates Hybrid
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  • Pilates Hybrid Weekly Split Calendar

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    Downloadable calendar combining Pilates, strength and running ( or other choice of cardio ) to create the ultimate weekly split.

  • Glutes Legs Abs

    Today is day one of the hybrid plan this is a challenging workout and will be amazing to build strength to support your running or other cardio.
    Im using optional heavy + medium Pilates bands. If you dont have them or its too challenging, do all movements without the bands.
    Let me know if you ...

  • Pilates Express | Deep Abs + Stretch

    Todays class can de done on its own or added to the end of another workout or session.
    Designed to open the hips & challenge the deep abs. No equipment needed

  • Strength

    This class is designed to focus on building strength with a mix of functional fitness movements and the Pilates principles to get a full body workout.
    Im using a 5kg weight but you can do this just with your body weight or go heavier or lighter with the weights you have available at home.
    We st...

  • Full Body Sculpt with Mobility

    Today we target the full body with some mobility exercises to lengthen and stretch sore muscles.
    Pilates ball can be used for a further challenge.

  • Arms Abs Posture

    Today's workout is designed to strengthen the upper back and arms with a strong focus on the abs.
    We use the bands and the ball to challenge the body further. You can use small hand weights instead.

  • Recovery Stretch

    This short stretch video is designed to leave you feeling amazing after a run or a week of Pilates.
    This is a collection of my favourite stretches that have really made a big difference.
    I am using a band just for the last stretch but you can use a towel instead.