Start Here Programme

Start Here Programme

This programme is designed to take you through the Pilates principles, introduce you to the Wild Pilates style and is the perfect place to start. Take more rest days if needed

Download the follow along workout calendar to know which workouts to do each day.

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Start Here Programme
  • Workout Calendar

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    Downloadable Follow Along Calendar

  • Start Here Programme Introduction

  • Pilates Basics Flow

    This is one of my favourite workouts in this series. Combining a few of my favourite exercises focusing on correct set up and alignment to get the most out of each exercise.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Express Pilates Foundations

    Designed to work the entire body, we lengthen while we strengthen to leave your body feeling amazing.

  • Beginner or Postpartum Full Body

    Postpartum clients please make sure you are cleared for exercise and take it at your own pace.

    This workout is ideal for beginners also who are NOT postpartum.

  • 1. Pilates principles in movement

    This workout is designed to talk you through the Pilates principles while still getting a good Pilates session.

  • Ease back into it Pilates

    This longer workout will ease you back into Pilates with an extra focus on the Pilates principles, the breath and focusing on setting up the movements. You will get work the entire body.

    Outfit by Marlow

  • Back Care Workout

    A Pilates workout designed to focus on building strength in the areas that support your back ( glutes, core, posture ) while avoiding exercises that can sometimes aggravate the lower back.

    Be sure to avoid any exercises that put too much pressure on your back. Take it at your own pace and enjoy.

  • Controlled Core

    Designed to help you get the most out of each and every exercise and control the movement to focus on engaging the deep core muscles. Great to do if you struggle to feel the lower abs, if your hips are tight, if you have finished the postnatal classes and want a little more challenge or if you ar...

  • Controlled Postpartum/Beginner

    A full body Pilates class designed to focus on core connection/hip stability and moving the body.

    Take it at your own pace, focus on my cues and take rests if you need

  • Pilates Lengthen - Length + Strength

  • Final Start Here Workout

    We work the entire body, combining the Pilates principles and signature Wild Pilates movements. This workout is slightly faster than other beginner workouts designed to get you ready to try the other Wild Pilates workouts.

    Optional light (0.5 - 1kg) hand weights for an extra challenge. Enjoy x

  • Lower Body + Back Stretches