Booty Challenge

Booty Challenge

Build a new level of strength and tone in the hips and glutes. Follow the downloadable calendar and tick off the sessions as you go.

To make it your own take rest days when you need, add the stretch videos when you feel you need to and enjoy!

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Booty Challenge
  • Booty Challenge Daily Calendar

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  • Legs and Hips

    Challenge the legs and hips. We of course include core as we focus on working the body as one.

  • Complete Glutes

    Feel the entire glutes as well strengthen and tone and target the glutes in all directions

  • Glutes and Core

    Focus on strength and tone in two important muscles groups to improve posture, alignment and performance

  • Express Glutes / Hip warm up

    Short and firey series to work on specific strengthening of the glutes.

    This can be used as a warm up before other exercise or if you want to improve your glute strength, knee alignment or hip stability this will be ideal to do on its on as often as you like.

  • Express Core and Glutes

    A few of Lauras favourite exercises designed to strengthen and stabilise the hips and improve core strength.

    Join me at home or in the Wild.

  • Standing Legs & Booty

    A new favourite of mine, this standing series will target the entire legs, the glutes and the posture.

    Enjoy x

    Outfit by Aimn

  • Express Hip stretches

  • Hip and Back Stretches

    Add this stretch video to your routine to increase flexibility and improve movement patterns. This series will free up around the pelvis to help you get more connection in the lower abs and glutes