Pilates Core Challenge

Pilates Core Challenge

Pilates Core Challenge
  • Workout Calendar

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    Download the workout calendar to view the workout order and tick off each day as you go!

  • Gentle Core Blast

    A great option to take the time to learn how to better engage the abs and warm up the core muscles.

    This can be done as an introduction session on its own or a warm up before doing another class to get more out of the core.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Full Body Core

    Welcome to Day One of the Pilates Core Challenge!

    This class is a great option when you want to move the entire body with extra focus on the core strengthening.

    We mix between standing leg work and targeted core work to leave you feeling like you have worked hard but also really challenged th...

  • Cardio Pilates with Core

    Todays class was one of the most requested a cardio Pilates class designed to work you hard with core exercises mixed in to slow the heart rate down and improve core strength.

    Im using optional hand weights but this session can absolutely be done without them.

    How did you get on?

  • Core Blast with Pilates ball

    This is my new favourite core workout. Designed to use the Pilates ball to further challenge the entire core.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day 17.

    Come back to this express workout regularly to improve core strength and remember to take it at your own pace.

  • Obliques | Glutes | Lower Abs

    Today we challenge the entire core as well as the glutes. This workout is designed to sculpt and strengthen.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day 18.

    Optional Pilates ball and small weights for a further challenge.

    New Pilates Core Challenge begins next week February 7...

  • Core Blast

    I hope you enjoy this short workout designed to target the abs with no equipment needed.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day six.

    Add it to your list if you enjoyed it and it is perfect to do after a walk or paired with a stretch when you don't have much time but woul...

  • Full Length Pilates with Core

    Todays workout is a full length session which will target the entire body with extra focus on the core.

    Im using a Pilates ball however you can do this class without and I will give you alternatives.

    Perfect for the days you have a little more time and want to experience a full length session...

  • Bonus 10 Min Stretch

    Enjoy this express stretch to mobilise and lengthen the body.

    Ideal to be done at the end of any workout or on its own when you need a stretch out.

    no equipment needed.