Sweat and Sculpt Challenge

Sweat and Sculpt Challenge

This 20 day challenge is a mix of HIIT Pilates and Sculpting sessions. Perfect to do if you want to elevate your Pilates training and focus on results.

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Sweat and Sculpt Challenge
  • The Best of Sweat and Sculpt

    I hope you enjoy this workout, designed to combine all of the principles of the Sweat and Sculpt challenge. Get the heart while also sculpting the arms, abs and legs.

    Optional hand weights to challenge the body a little more. Enjoy x

  • Sweat and Sculpt Workout Calendar

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  • HIIT Pilates with Abs

    This workout is one of my favourites! mixing our HIIT Pilates exercises with core exercises.

    The HIIT Pilates exercises are designed to get the heart rate up to improve fitness while still working on leg and glute toning.

    Use a chair or bench to lean on if needed.

  • Sculpting - Arms | Abs | Inner Thighs

    This sculpting series is designed to compliment the HIIT workouts.

    Extra focus on the Obliques, Inner thighs and Arms.

  • Power Pilates - Triceps Legs Obliques

    A new favourite mix of low impact cardio Pilates and sculpting exercises.

    Optional hand-weights for a further challenge

    Enjoy x

  • HIIT Pilates with Arms

    This session will get the heart rate up and sculpt the legs and the arms.

    We complete 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for the standing series and mix this with targeted arm exercises. Jump movements are optional , low impact options are provided.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • Sculpting - Lower Abs | Glutes

    We slow it down slightly to focus on working the glutes and lower abs.

    This workout is designed to focus on lean toning and strength.

    Enjoy x

  • Bonus Abs

    Add this bonus abs series to the end of another video or after a walk to target the core muscles and build strength and muscle tone.

  • Express Hip stretches