Cycle Sync Luteal Phase

Cycle Sync Luteal Phase

Days 17 - 30ish. The first few days of the luteal phase we can still challenge the body and from day 20 we really slow it down. This phase starts with challenging workouts before moving into gentle Pilates, walks and stretch classes. Take rest days and look after yourself as you need. In the luteal phase, your oestrogen levels will start to fall as your progesterone rises and may lead to low energy and low mood.

This is a great time to make sure you are eating enough, increase health fats and carbohydrates in your diet, try to eat within 30 - 60 mins of waking and be mindful of your coffee consumption and stress management. * Your luteal phase may be shorter than the 30 days, move to the menstruation programme as soon as a new cycle starts and if your cycle is longer than 30 days go back to the start of this luteal programme until a new cycle begins.

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Cycle Sync Luteal Phase
  • Power Sculpt

    A favourite combination of mine, power and sculpt movements. Expect to work hard designed to work the legs and the abs. Hands weights and a Pilates ball for a further challenge.

  • Bite Size Inner thighs & Hamstrings

    Time to target the inner thighs and hamstrings with this express burner.

    We can often forget the inner thighs and hamstrings but they are so important to strengthen not just stretch.

    This is a challenging class with the Pilates ball and ankle weights an option to make it harder.

  • Full Body Pilates Sculpt

    I have a feeling this may be a new favourite.

    This is a Pilates sculpt designed to move the whole body. The Wild Pilates Sculpt classes are a challenge on the co-ordination and a power option class but we take the time to set up new movements to really challenge the body without rushing through...

  • Morning Movement

    This class is designed to move and wake up the entire body, leaving you energised for the day.

    Of course this class can be done at any time of day it is just a fantastic way to get moving to feel good. No equipment is needed however you are welcome to hold option hand weights for some movements...

  • Strength & Mobility

    In this class we aim to improve strength in the glutes and posture + mobilise the hips and legs. We move in a controlled gentle pace with stretches throughout the class.

    Ideal for runners as we focus on improving strength in the muscles used for running alignment and also flexibility in the are...

  • Gentle Glutes and Abs

    Todays class is a targeted glutes and abs class designed to build strength.
    We focus on the glutes and the core as they help with posture, alignment and help to improve movement patterns. You will find glute and core strengthening is a common theme in many classes.

    I am using a Pilates ball , ...

  • Gentle Full Body

    This is your new fave for low energy days when you still want to move the whole body. Expect to mobilise the body and build strength in the glutes and core. Optional small hand weights.

  • Low Impact Sculpt

    This is a low impact Pilates sculpt class working the entire body. These movements are designed to strengthen while also mobilising the body. This is a great way to move in a low impact way.

    Optional Pilates ball. How did you get on?

  • Wind Down Stretch

    Today we slow it right down. Focus on relaxing and melting into the stretches to slow the mind and the body. No equipment needed.

  • Evening Wind Down

    This class is designed to move the entire body with more mobility and stretching in between the exercises making it perfect after a long day.
    no equipment needed, well done for taking the time to move your body.

  • Bite Size Gentle Pilates

    This is an express full body gentle Pilates class.

    The goal is to mobilise the body, engage the muscles and improve mood. No equipment is needed.

  • Full body Reset

    Welcome to Day One of the Start Here Programme.
    This workout is designed to move the full body with no equipment needed.
    Take it at your own pace and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Stretch and Mobility

    This is a short whole body stretch and mobility session designed to be done on its own, as a recovery or can be added to the end of any workout. I am using a Pilates ball or pillow/cushion.

  • Feel Good Pilates

    Today is the ultimate feel good workout.
    Perfect for low energy days, the menstrual phase or postnatal clients.
    Relieve lower back pain, improve mobility, strengthen the glutes and increase blood flow.