Pilates Strength Challenge

Pilates Strength Challenge

Level up your overall strength with these 7 classes including Power Pilates, Sculpt and Targeted posture, glutes and core.

These classes will challenge you to take your pilates to the next level and are designed to be tough but targeted. Filmed in the wild in the beautiful Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Equipment needed: Pilates ball and optional small hand weights.

Pilates Strength Challenge
  • Pilates Strength Calendar

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    Follow this workout calendar for an ideal week of workouts.

  • 1. Sculpt Pilates - Inner Thighs | Arms | Core

    Welcome to day one of the Pilates Strength Challenge.

    Today is a Sculpt Pilates class with extra focus on the inner thighs, arms and core.

    I will be using a Pilates ball and optional small hand weights.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • 2. Pilates Strength | Glutes + Legs

    I hope you enjoy this Pilates strength workout, designed to challenge the entire body especially the legs and glutes.

    This will be a great workout to do when you want a quick workout that will leave you feeling energised.

    I use small weights in this class and if you have heavier weights this ...

  • 3. Core Strength

    Welcome to day three of the Pilates strength workout.

    This core strengthening workout is ideal for after a walk or on days you are short on time. Take rests when you need, enjoy!

    Let me know how you got on in the comments.

  • 4. Posture and Standing Legs

    Today we challenge and strengthen the upper back and posture muscles while also working on leg strength and fitness with our standing Pilates.

    I am using optional small hand weights.

    What is your favourite challenge workout so far?

  • 5. Glute Strength

    This express workout is all about strengthening the glutes!

    No equipment is needed however you can use small ankle weights if you have them.

    I hope you like this one!

  • 6. Recovery Stretch

    This 10 minute recovery stretch is designed to be done after other Pilates classes, after a walk/run or on recovery days.

    I hope you feel amazing after this one.

  • 7. Pilates Strength Full Body

    Well done you have made it to day seven of the Pilates Strength challenge.

    I hope you enjoy this slightly longer workout that will challenge the entire body. I will be using a Pilates ball and small weights.

    Comment below if you enjoyed the challenge and I love to hear what your favourite wor...