30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Workouts designed to challenge the body by lengthening and strengthening while also getting the heart rate up in some workouts. Modify or take rest days if needed, I encourage you to substitute a more low impact workout if you would prefer. The goals is to achieve consistency and routine and experience the benefits of regular Pilates and exercise.

Workouts and added extras will be added to the category as the challenge goes on so just follow the downloadable calendar and I will take care of the rest x

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30 Day Challenge
  • 30 Day Calendar + Workout Checklist

    61.3 KB

    Complete 1 workout each day for 30 days, you've got this!

  • Challenge Introduction

  • HIIT Pilates and Abs

    Designed to strengthen the body and work you hard while still focusing on the Pilates Principles. Modify if you need , I will always give you a low impact option when needed.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day 15.

  • Arms and Abs

    We will target the posture muscles, arms and abs in this quick workout. Optional light weights to challenge the arms further.

    Outfit: Nimble Activewear

  • Power Pilates with Stretch to finish

    Expect to sweat, strengthen the arms, legs and core all in 26 minutes. You then have to option to stay with me for a 6 minute hip opening stretch. Leaving you feeling challenge but also amazing.

    Optional light weights for a further arm challenge and you may need a chair or something to lean on ...

  • Sculpt Session

    This workout is designed to sculpt the body and build strength. Focusing on the Pilates movements and control.

  • Standing Legs and Glutes

    Sculpting and toning for the legs and glutes while getting the heart rate up. Optional chair or stool to lean on.

  • Full Body Stretch

    The session is designed to do on the days your body needs to recover or at the end of another workout

  • Sweat and Sculpt

    This session is designed to sculpt and strengthen and get a sweat on. We still focus on alignment and control the get the most out of each exercise

  • Full Body Pilates

    Light weights can be added for an extra challenge. Focus on core connection and control. Fantastic paired with a walk.

  • Complete Core

    This workout is short but effective and will strengthen the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. Focus on control and breath to get the most out of each exercise

  • 10 Minute Meditation

  • Goal Setting with Beck Wadworth

    30.5 KB

    Half way point is a great time to set some goals for the rest of the year and the rest of the challenge. Beck Wadworth shares her top tips for setting goals, that you will actually stick with.

  • Journalling prompts + Organisation Tips

    24 KB

    Join Beck Wadworth as she shares her top tips for an organised life and join us as we explore the benefits of journalling with these helpful journal prompts.

  • Glowing Abundance Smoothie Recipe

    35.2 KB

    Wild Pilates friend and wellness expert Sarah Tanner has designed a smoothie especially to compliment your Pilates workouts. Enjoy x

  • Green means Glow Smoothie Recipe

    37.8 KB

    Our second smoothie by Sarah Tanner to help fuel you during the challenge