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  • Sculpt Pilates | Legs Glutes Abs

    Another favourite this is an express challenging workout targeting legs, glutes and abs - especially obliques.

    Using an optional Pilates ball.

  • Express Controlled Abs

    One of my favourites, this is a challenging core class at a controlled pace using a Pilates ball.
    These exercises have been chosen to target and tone the entire core.

  • Power Pilates | Legs + Arms

    This is a power Pilates class designed to get the heart rate up and challenge the legs + arms.

    Expect a challenging firey class all done in 16 minutes. You can use heavier weights to challenge the arms and a Pilates ball or rolled up towel for the standing work.

  • Feel Good Wind Down

    No equipment is needed for this feel-good class with exercises chosen to improve mood and mobilise.
    Expect to still challenge the body but ease into it with a longer stretch, done at a comfortable pace to leave you feeling energised and relaxed.

  • Morning Movement with Glutes

    This class is designed to get the endorphins flowing in the morning with extra focus on the glutes. No equipment needed but you can wear ankle weights for a further challenge. Prenatal friendly.

  • Core Connection

    This class will really target the core muscles. We focus on a good warm up to engage the abs and finish with lots of obliques.

    I am using a Pilates ball.

  • Ultimate After Walk Pilates

    This is an express workout designed to be done alongside a walk or run.
    No equipment is needed and we challenge the core, glutes and mobilise the spine.

  • Oblique Blast

    This is your short and targeted oblique blast - no equipment needed.
    Perfect to add to the end of another workout or walk/run.

    For the full workout try the new release: core connection.

  • Power Sculpt | Inner Thighs & Obliques

    I hope you love this express burner with extra focus on inner thighs and obliques. It is sure the get the heart rate up and the muscles working in less than 20 mins.

    You can use ankle weights for a further challenge or small hand weights for the second half of the class.

  • Bite Size Express Glutes

    Today's class is a short and fiery session designed to sculpt and strengthen the glutes and hamstrings.
    This is a great option to do on its own or add to another workout for that extra glute burn. No equipment needed but ankle weights take this up a level.