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  • Runners Stretch

    This is a stretch ideal for runners ( or anyone in need of a stretch ) focused on opening the hips and spinal rotation. No equipment needed.

  • 6. Recovery Stretch

    This 10 minute recovery stretch is designed to be done after other Pilates classes, after a walk/run or on recovery days.

    I hope you feel amazing after this one.

  • Bite Size Stretch

    This short stretch is designed to open up the hips, shoulders and lower back.

    Perfect to add to the end of any other workout or done on its own when you have 10 minutes to move your body to feel better.

  • Prenatal stretch

    Gentle spine stretches to release tension in the body

  • Recovery stretch session

  • BONUS Stretch and Mobility

    This session will stretch the muscles that may be sore from this challenge and will mobilise the spine while opening the hips

  • Full Body Stretch

    The session is designed to do on the days your body needs to recover or at the end of another workout

  • Pilates Lengthen - Length + Strength

  • Lower Body + Back Stretches

  • Hip and Back Stretches

    Add this stretch video to your routine to increase flexibility and improve movement patterns. This series will free up around the pelvis to help you get more connection in the lower abs and glutes

  • Express Hip stretches

  • Runners Stretch

    Complete this stretch when you need to recover or do as soon as you finish a run to improve movement patterns and flexibility.

  • Neck and Shoulder Stretch

    This is a highly requested workout designed to mobilise and reduce tension in the neck and shoulders. Can be done seated or on the mat.

  • Core and Stretches

    This work workout followed by stretches is one of my favourites.

    Expect to mobilise the body to start with, then challenge the entire core before finishing with full body stretches.

    Enjoy and comment below if you liked this workout.

  • Waiheke - Stretch

    This feel good stretch will lengthen the body and is a wonderful cool down or warm up.

    Please enjoy the view and relax x

  • Relaxing Total Body Stretch

    This session is designed to stretch and release sore muscles or move the body on the days you are low on energy.

    On location: Black Barn, Hawkes Bay

  • Stretch with Pilates Ball

    Perfect to add to a rest day or the end of another workout.

    Mobilise and release the hips and spine.

  • Upper Body Stretch

    This is an upper body focused stretch session, you may use the ball but not a requirement.

    Designed to mobilise the neck, upper back, spine and shoulders.

    Location: Portugal

  • Bonus 10 Min Stretch

    Enjoy this express stretch to mobilise and lengthen the body.

    Ideal to be done at the end of any workout or on its own when you need a stretch out.

    no equipment needed.

  • Stretch for Runners

    This stretch is suitable for everyone, but is designed to help stretch and mobilise the muscles used when running, walking or cycling.

    We focus on mobilising the hips and spine as well as improving flexibility in the legs.

    Enjoy x

  • Stretch

    This is an 18 minute full body mobility or stretch flow. Designed to leave you feeling amazing. This can be done on its own or after another video.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day 24.

  • Express Mobility Flow

    This is a full body stretch with extra focus on the hips and shoulders. This can be done on its own or as a cool down for another workout.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day 28.