Bite Size Pilates

Bite Size Pilates

All classes are under 20 mins.
Stackable so you can create a longer workout.
Each workout focuses on a different area.
Combining nature and Pilates.

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Bite Size Pilates
  • Bite Size Glutes

    This workout is a favourite from this series.

    The glute burner will strengthen and tone while mobilising the hips. We complete one full side before moving onto the other. optional ankle weights for a further challenge but not necessary.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • Bite Size Core & Mobility

    Another favourite of the series. This workout starts with a challenging core burner and finishes with a deep stretch series.

    A great workout to come back to when you want to test your strength progress. No equipment needed.

  • Bite Size Inner thighs & Hamstrings

    Time to target the inner thighs and hamstrings with this express burner.

    We can often forget the inner thighs and hamstrings but they are so important to strengthen not just stretch.

    This is a challenging class with the Pilates ball and ankle weights an option to make it harder.

  • Bite Size Shoulders & Arms

    In this express workout we target and tone the shoulders and arms.

    Starting with 4 point and press up work before moving into strengthening arm movements using optional small weights before finishing with a lovely shoulder and back opening stretch.

    Small weights are suggested for these moveme...

  • Bite Size Legs

    This no equipment standing leg workout is designed for the days you want to work hard, get the heart rate up and build strength in the legs.

    Perfect to do on its own or combine with another bite size workout, the core & mobility or shoulders & arms would be a great mix.

  • Bite Size Deep Abs

    Take your core work to the next level with this deep ab strengthening class. Designed to work all parts of the core to improve strength, posture and muscle tone.

    This class you will need a Pilates ball.

  • Bite Size Gentle Pilates

    This is an express full body gentle Pilates class.

    The goal is to mobilise the body, engage the muscles and improve mood. No equipment is needed.

  • Bite Size Glutes & Abs

    This is a challenging leg, glute and core class.

    The Pilates ball and ankle weights are optional all movements can be done without them.

  • Bite Size Stretch

    This short stretch is designed to open up the hips, shoulders and lower back.

    Perfect to add to the end of any other workout or done on its own when you have 10 minutes to move your body to feel better.

  • Bite Size Posture

    In todays class we strengthen the upper back muscles, shoulders and mobilise the spine. optional hand weights for a further challenge but the weight of your arms may be enough.

  • Bite Size Mini Abs

    A short mini abs blast designed to be added to the end of another workout.

    Perfect if you are wanting to build targeted core strength, no equipment needed.

    Find full workout in the bite size series called core and mobility.

  • Bite Size Express Glutes

    Today's class is a short and fiery session designed to sculpt and strengthen the glutes and hamstrings.
    This is a great option to do on its own or add to another workout for that extra glute burn. No equipment needed but ankle weights take this up a level.