New Release

A selection of the latest releases and new favourite workouts not to be missed.

  • 10 minute Booty Blast

    This is an express booty burner using the Pilates band.
    Designed to challenge the glutes and leaving you feeling the burn in just 10 mins.

  • Core Blast

    This short fiery core sequence is the perfect finisher to any other class or workout when you want an extra core burn. Using a Pilates ball + hand/wrist weights

    Full workout is " Cardio + Core Pilates "

  • Easy on the Back Core

    This workout is designed to build strength in the core without aggravating the back. We focus on connecting the deep abs and move a little slower to ensure we are targeting the correct muscles.
    Postnatal friendly*

  • Full Body Sculpt with Mobility

    This is a no-standing sculpting class with extra mobility.
    The ultimate feel good class as we combine targeted strengthening with stretching. Using a Pilates ball.

  • Postnatal Pilates

    My favourite postnatal Pilates class using a Pilates ball and optional band.

    We are working to strengthen the abdominal wall as well as building strength around the pelvis ( deep abs, glutes + inner thighs ) It is all about the breath and the form that is the most important to help reset the core

  • Standing Sculpt | Glutes + Inner Thighs

    This is a barre inspired class, done all standing to challenge the entire legs. With a chair used for support.

    Im also using a Pilates ball and optional medium Pilates band for a further challenge.

  • Arm & Posture Sculpt

    Welcome to todays class, arm and posture sculpt.
    Designed to build strength in the arms and upper back with support from the core. Im using small hand weights and a medium Pilates band ( optional )

  • Pilates Hybrid 2.0

    24 items

    Welcome to Pilates hybrid 2.0 combining Pilates, Strength and Running to create my ultimate weekly split.
    Improving on our last Hybrid plan this is a 28 day plan with 4 different weekly splits.

  • Strength and Sculpt

    This class has a lot of variety and we get the best of both worlds strength and sculpt. Designed to level up your Pilates.
    Make it more challenging by adding a heavier weight ( 5kg ), a Pilates ball and band. Or choose no equipment if needed.

  • Strength

    Challenge the body with this strength focused class with extra focus on the Legs and glutes.
    Im using a heavier weight ( 5kg ) and an optional Pilates band.

  • Full Body Sculpt

    Target the entire body with this sculpt style class - my favourite!
    Using: small hand weights and Pilates ball.

  • Runners Stretch

    This is a stretch ideal for runners ( or anyone in need of a stretch ) focused on opening the hips and spinal rotation. No equipment needed.

  • Pilates Flow

    Enjoy this low impact Pilates flow with mobility. Im using a Pilates ball and small hand weights.

  • Express Deep Abs

    This is a short and challenging core series using the Pilates ball.

    We start by engaging the deep abs and focusing on the breath before a fiery core sequence which is ideal to do regularly.

  • Express Arms

    This short series will challenge the arms and the abs.

    We complete an arms circuit ( you can use a weight that suits you or no weight at all ) then a high plank series then repeat the arms circuit.

    Perfect to add on or do on its on if you want to target and strengthen the arms.

  • Pilates Hybrid

    8 items

    Combining Pilates, strength and running or your choice of cardio to create the ultimate weekly workout split.

  • Prenatal Pilates 2024

    7 items

    All workouts are safe and effective throughout your entire pregnancy and designed to keep the core strong, to support your pregnancy, and the recovery in postpartum.

    Please make sure you are cleared to exercise by your doctor or midwife. I am pre/postnatal trained but I'm not there with you so ...

  • Full Body Pilates Band

    Challenge the entire body with this Pilates band workout.
    We focus on strengthening the legs, core, glutes, posture, arms, like I said this is a full body workout.
    All done in less than 30 minutes, I would love to hear how you found the workout.

  • Express Band | Glutes & Abs

    This is an express workout all done in 15 mins with extra focus on the glutes and abs.
    optional resistance band for a further challenge. All exercises can be done without the band also.