10 Min Core Blasts

10 Min Core Blasts

Short and effective 10 min core blasts perfect to add to the end of any workout or do on their own to improve core strength.

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10 Min Core Blasts
  • Deep Core Blast

    This deep core blast will challenge the entire core in just 10 minutes.
    A combination of all of my favourite exercises designed to build strength in the core. Using a Pilates ball and optional Pilates band.

  • Core Blast

    This is another favourite challenging core blast.
    You don't need any equipment for this one.

  • Core Blast

    This short fiery core sequence is the perfect finisher to any other class or workout when you want an extra core burn. Using a Pilates ball + hand/wrist weights

    Full workout is " Cardio + Core Pilates "

  • Core Blast

    I hope you enjoy this short workout designed to target the abs with no equipment needed.

    If you are following the cycle syncing programme this is day six.

    Add it to your list if you enjoyed it and it is perfect to do after a walk or paired with a stretch when you don't have much time but woul...

  • Core Blast

    This video is ideal to do on a regular basis to target the entire core.

    Pilates ball and optional ankle weights.

    Rees Valley, Glenorchy, NZ.

  • Gentle Core Blast

    A great option to take the time to learn how to better engage the abs and warm up the core muscles.

    This can be done as an introduction session on its own or a warm up before doing another class to get more out of the core.

    Let me know if you have any questions.