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  • Easy on the Back Core

    This workout is designed to build strength in the core without aggravating the back. We focus on connecting the deep abs and move a little slower to ensure we are targeting the correct muscles.
    Postnatal friendly*

  • Postnatal Pilates

    My favourite postnatal Pilates class using a Pilates ball and optional band.

    We are working to strengthen the abdominal wall as well as building strength around the pelvis ( deep abs, glutes + inner thighs ) It is all about the breath and the form that is the most important to help reset the core

  • 8. Slow Pilates Flow

    Great to do if you want to focus on the Pilates principles and take the time to focus on your form.

  • Postnatal Full Body

  • Postnatal Strength with optional ball

  • Postnatal Core and Inner Thighs

  • Postnatal Introduction

  • Postnatal First Session

  • Postnatal Legs + Arms

    This workout is designed for the postnatal client who has already done a few gentle prenatal sessions first. This is more of a strength challenge while still being safe on the postnatal body

  • Postnatal Core + Control

    Focus on control and working the muscles that will help your body recover. A great session to do on its own or after a walk to improve core strength, posture, hip stability and alignment throughout the body.

  • Postpartum Abs

    This session talks through the breathing and how to connect your deep core muscles. You will learn exercises to substitute in other workouts if needed. This may feel slow but you will learn how to apply these principles to the other workouts to get the entire working and supporting you.

    Safe fo...

  • Pre/Post Natal Full Body

    Designed to strengthen the body to support your pre or postnatal journey. We focus on the legs, glutes, arms and posture.

    Be sure you are cleared for exercise by a health professional. Rest when you need and stop if any exercises cause pain. Take it at your own pace and stay hydrated.

  • Quick Postpartum Core

    We work on resetting and engaging the muscles in the core, especially the deep abs

  • Beginner or Postpartum Full Body

    Postpartum clients please make sure you are cleared for exercise and take it at your own pace.

    This workout is ideal for beginners also who are NOT postpartum.

  • Prenatal Targeted Glutes

    Challenge the glutes in this series which will help keep your lower body strong and support the lower back.

    Be sure you are cleared for exercise by a health professional. Rest when you need and stop if any exercises cause pain. Take it at your own pace and stay hydrated.

  • Postnatal Posture and Core

    In this workout we focus on strengthening the core and the posture muscles to help support your body.

  • 23 min Pre/ Postnatal Flow

    This workout is designed to strengthen and stretch the body to support your pregnancy or postpartum recovery.

  • Controlled Postpartum/Beginner

    A full body Pilates class designed to focus on core connection/hip stability and moving the body.

    Take it at your own pace, focus on my cues and take rests if you need

  • Postnatal / Gentle with Pilates Ball

    This workout is designed to move the entire body, with extra focus on reconnecting the core, strengthening the inner thighs and the posture.

    Perfect for postnatal clients but also those wanting to move in a more gentle manner, those new to Pilates or easing back into core work.

    Im using the P...

  • Gentle Core Reset - no crunches

    This is a slower paced class but suitable for all levels.

    Ideal for beginners, those wanting to rebuild core strength and also amazing for regular Pilates enthusiasts as a warm up or a reminder to engage the deep abs.