Over 35 mins

Over 35 mins

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Over 35 mins
  • Sculpt Full Body

    Join me in Milos, Greece as we strengthen, sculpt and mobilise the body with todays class.

    We will challenge the whole body while slowing down to focus on alignment and control to get the most out of each exercise.

    I will be using a Pilates ball and with a few exercises, we can use small hand...

  • Strength & Mobility

    In this class we aim to improve strength in the glutes and posture + mobilise the hips and legs. We move in a controlled gentle pace with stretches throughout the class.

    Ideal for runners as we focus on improving strength in the muscles used for running alignment and also flexibility in the are...

  • Leg | Glutes | Oblique Sculpt

    This is a Pilates sculpt workout designed to define and strengthen.
    We target the legs, glutes and obliques using a Pilates ball and optional small weights.

  • 38 mins Legs and Abs

    Intermediate level full-body workout with extra focus on the legs and abs, enjoy!

  • Full Body Challenge - 49 minutes

    This workout incorporates our Wild Pilates favourites and will work the entire body as well as improving posture, flexibility and strength

  • 8. Slow Pilates Flow

    Great to do if you want to focus on the Pilates principles and take the time to focus on your form.

  • Feel Good Recovery Pilates

    This 35 minute session will move your body, engage the core and stabilising muscles and include more mobilising and stretching work so great to do as a recovery session or a. feel good session.

  • Low Impact Sculpting - 46 mins

    This full length workout will sculpt the body with extra focus on low impact exercises, no standing or jumping.

  • Full Length Full Body

    This Full length session will challenge the entire body and move the body in all directions. Expect to get a full body burn with some lovely lengthening exercises also

  • Lengthening Pilates

  • Ease back into it Pilates

    This longer workout will ease you back into Pilates with an extra focus on the Pilates principles, the breath and focusing on setting up the movements. You will get work the entire body.

    Outfit by Marlow

  • Power Pilates with Stretch to finish

    Expect to sweat, strengthen the arms, legs and core all in 26 minutes. You then have to option to stay with me for a 6 minute hip opening stretch. Leaving you feeling challenge but also amazing.

    Optional light weights for a further arm challenge and you may need a chair or something to lean on ...

  • 50 min Pilates

    In this session you will lengthen while you strengthen. An option to use a ball or a cushion for a further challenge and variation

  • Live Full Length Workout

    Enjoy this amazing view as Laura takes you though an hour long full body class suitable for all levels.

  • Move Your Body Full Length

    Enjoy this full length session designed to move your entire body and focus on mobility as well as alignment as well as strength.

    Comment and let me know how you get on

  • Full Length Pilates with extra Abs

    I hope you enjoy this full length, full body workout with extra focus on the abs.

    We focus on moving the entire body, strengthening exercises finished with a few stretches. Optional hand weights for a further challenge.

  • Full Length Full Body - All Levels

    This workouts is great to do on the days you have a little more time and want to challenge the entire body.

    Includes lots of glute strength and core exercises with some challenging standing work. We also incorporate mobility throughout the session to improve flexibility and movement patterns.


  • Total Body Full Length

    I hope you enjoy this full length workout designed to tone and target the entire body.

    On location: Black Barn Retreats , Hawkes Bay

  • Power Pilates - Abs and Glutes

    This class will challenge the entire body, get the heart rate up and build strength in the glutes and abs.

    Optional hand or ankle weights.

    On Location: Black Barn, Hawkes Bay

    Let me know how you get on x

  • Full Length with Pilates ball.

    This is a full length full body workout. We use the Pilates ball to challenge the core, posture and balance.

    Expect to tone the entire body, mobilise the spine and finish feeling energised for the day.

    I hope you are enjoying the Pilates ball workouts

  • Sculpt Full Body

    This class is a slightly slower controlled pace designed to focus on sculpting and strengthening.

    Expect to get a sweat on, challenge the legs and abs and mobilise the entire body. optional Pilates ball for and for a further challenge you can wear ankle weights.

    Enjoy x

  • Full Length Pilates with Core

    Todays workout is a full length session which will target the entire body with extra focus on the core.

    Im using a Pilates ball however you can do this class without and I will give you alternatives.

    Perfect for the days you have a little more time and want to experience a full length session...