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  • Standing Sculpt | Glutes + Inner Thighs

    This is a barre inspired class, done all standing to challenge the entire legs. With a chair used for support.

    Im also using a Pilates ball and optional medium Pilates band for a further challenge.

  • Power Pilates - Triceps Legs Obliques

    A new favourite mix of low impact cardio Pilates and sculpting exercises.

    Optional hand-weights for a further challenge

    Enjoy x

  • HIIT Pilates with Arms

    This session will get the heart rate up and sculpt the legs and the arms.

    We complete 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for the standing series and mix this with targeted arm exercises. Jump movements are optional , low impact options are provided.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • The Best of Core & Confidence

    This is a bonus workout if you have finished the challenge or would like to add it into the challenge.

    If you enjoyed the Core & Confidence challenge or if you would to challenge the whole body with extra focus on the arm/ab strength, then this workout is for you!

    I combine some of my favour...

  • Chair Workout - Legs|Posture|Core

    This workout is a total body challenge with extra focus on the posture, legs, core and triceps.

    Grab a chair or something to lean on for the second half of the class.

    I hope you enjoy this class xx

  • Inner Thigh Focus

    This class will challenge the entire body but exercises are chosen to challenge the inner thighs and of course with support from the core.

    Filmed on a misty morning at Piha beach. Optional ankle weights for a further challenge but not required.

    Have a lovely day.

  • Glutes & Abs

    This express session will challenge the glutes, strengthen the hips and challenge the abs.

    Optional ankle weights for a further challenge but not necessary.

    Location: Karekare Beach.

  • 3. Core Strength

    Welcome to day three of the Pilates strength workout.

    This core strengthening workout is ideal for after a walk or on days you are short on time. Take rests when you need, enjoy!

    Let me know how you got on in the comments.

  • Pilates Tone

    Welcome to day one of the Sculpt Challenge.
    Today is a well-rounded sculpt-style workout. Designed to challenge the entire body, especially the obliques + glutes.
    I will be using a Pilates ball and small ankle or hand weights.

  • Glutes & Abs Bali

    This is another highly requested workout: Glutes & Abs.
    I am using ankle weights which are only a more advanced option, perfect to do this class without them. Also a Pilates ball for the last round of abs which is also optional.

    I hope you enjoy this short and challenging workout filmed in Bal...

  • Express Band | Glutes & Abs

    This is an express workout all done in 15 mins with extra focus on the glutes and abs.
    optional resistance band for a further challenge. All exercises can be done without the band also.

  • Full Body Pilates Band

    Challenge the entire body with this Pilates band workout.
    We focus on strengthening the legs, core, glutes, posture, arms, like I said this is a full body workout.
    All done in less than 30 minutes, I would love to hear how you found the workout.

  • HIIT Pilates Workout

    High energy, fast paced workout, can be done twice for a longer workout

  • HIIT Pilates and Abs

    Whole body toning and core strength.

  • 2. Full Body Blast

    This short workout will work the entire body. Great to do after a walk or if you are short on time.

  • 5. Powerful Pilates Circuit

    I will take you through one round of this high intensity session focusing on Pilates exercises that get your heart rate up. Complete 1-3 times depending on level and time available.

  • Week One Tone

    This workout will challenge the entire body expect to feel the core, the glutes and get a bit of a sweat on

  • Week One Pace/HIIT

    This workout will tone the body , focus on the Pilates principles with added short fiery exercises to get heart rate up and improve fitness

  • Week Two Sculpt

    Our Sculpt workout will challenge the entire body, get the heart rate up while working on toning.

  • Week Two Pace

    A full body workout with short HIIT blasts to increase the heart rate while still focusing on core strength and the Pilates principles

  • Week Two Tone

    Tone the entire body and focus on strength with this short Pilates workout